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Happy owners


Danya Simanov
Yacht school "Polvetra"
Valentina Lebedeva once joked that such a review in my performance should be called "My life in Helen-Ocean sweaters." We laughed, Ok, but in fact this is not very far from the truth. Yes, I didn’t take Lena’s sweaters with me to the Seychelles or Thailand – but I thought about it :) These two sweaters have already been with me in a lot of places, climbed the masts of different ships, tried the spray of a dozen seas, kept warm on cold evenings on Lake Huron. I go to a store in them in winter and wear at home. And now one is on me. I will never forget a wonderful conversation with an unfamiliar Dutch grandmother on a pontoon after mooring a huge Dutch punt in a strong wind in a narrow place: “I think we need to run to help, and call the harbor master on the radio on the Riba, but my husband is suddenly so strict - what are you stupid? Look at his sweater, he knows what he's doing!" You can probably endlessly try to list situations in which my two favorite sweaters helped me out. Or try to write about their virtues - the quality of the wool there, that's all. Or tell about Lena, whom I love and respect very much, and about the cool thing that she does. Therefore, I will only say one thing. I spend a lot of time away from home, mostly at sea. And these sweaters - that's my word of honor - a very important piece of home comfort, which I really like to carry with me. Well, I used to like it. Now it's more of an addiction.
Yacht Russia
Eight years of warmth. We are friends with Elena Gubina. Because she belongs to our yacht community. And we wear HELEN-OCEAN sweaters, which really protect ... We have been wearing and being friends for eight years, since Elena created her company. Once she said: "We are connected." And this is not only about wool and knitting needles, it is about people for whom the sail is a symbol of freedom, independence and a dream that can become a reality. Lena, keep it up! Your warmth to our souls.
Andrey Podkolzin
Thanks to Elena Gubina for a super cool sweater. The weather was very cold. The sweater saved specifically. True, on the second day he migrated to my youngest son Alyosha and saved him from the cold. Well, that's great. My XXL and Aleshkin M… It suited everyone… In general, I recommend it. Very soft, light and incredibly warm.

Warm not only from wool, but also from care. Surprisingly, my impression from wearing a stunning sweater from HELEN-OCEAN: he not only warms, but also does not “bite”.