Collection of sweaters with the history "Black and White Sea in Krasnaya Polyana"

Everything in our world is interconnected. The sea, love and warmth can connect any opposites, even the ocean and snowy peaks. This winter I presented a limited collection of sweaters "Black and White Sea in Krasnaya Polyana" A little about the history of the birth of this idea. In May, during the Sochi Yacht show, I visited the British Bath complex in Krasnaya Polyana, where I struck up a friendship with the hostess and the idea came up to knit sweaters for those who like to "take a steam bath" :) But not in the blue colors, but in a completely different style. And in August 2017, I ended up on the White Sea, where I participated in the 43rd Solovetsky Regatta along with real Pomors. There I came across a book with local patterns. I just fell in love with their severity and inner power. In my sweater, having passed the test of a storm, cold, rain, Pomeranian baptism, I remembered that very bath. And the idea was born to create a collection of sweaters with Pomeranian ornaments. Connect, literally and figuratively, it is also with the Black Sea. I thought how to put it all together, and came up with the idea. After all, sailors are not always at sea. On the shore they love warmth and comfort. They take a steam bath, go skiing, many yachtsmen also have "earthly" hobbies.

This is how the trial collection turned out for those who dream of the seas, oceans, even in the mountains! We expand horizons, conquer heights, we bring new ideas to life. PS: Sweater translated from English. sweater from sweat - to sweat. :)

Sweaters HELEN-OCEAN by BRITISH BANYA can only be purchased at the address: Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Komsomolsky lane, 4a #helenocean #britishbanya