HELEN-OCEAN at the "Cup of Two Seas"

The founder and head of the HELEN-OCEAN company, partner of the regatta Elena Gubina will come to St. Petersburg to congratulate the winners of the Two Seas Cup and present a special prize.
- Traditionally, you are a partner of the regatta and provide branded prizes to the participants of the Cup, and a year ago you yourself participated in competitions as part of the Synergy team. Will you race again this time?
— I am grateful to Alexander Aliev for the fact that last year I was lucky to take part in the regatta. This time I will stay on the shore, cheer for the team and will be happy to present a certificate for an individual order of a sweater to the winner of the Cup.
— Which of the events of last year's regatta do you remember the most?

- I remember a lot: five brochings, worn gloves! Interesting communication with people, a state of freedom, happiness, joy. Excellent organization of the regatta. A charge of vivacity and fun.
— How comfortable and confident do you feel in short races on sports yachts?
— I like the MX 700 boat. This is a great practice for developing concentration and teamwork. And thanks to the HELEN-OCEAN sweater, I feel comfortable and confident in the races - this is my talisman.

— What prizes have you prepared for the winners this time?
– I prepared exclusive Certificates for custom ordering of sweaters. Perhaps there will be gifts in the process of awarding from me personally.

— What is new and interesting happening in the life of your company?
— HELEN - OCEAN has been around for 8 years. It's time for an update. Our website will soon feature brand history, a gallery of author's work, where you can be inspired to create your own sweater for your ocean voyages. The horizons of our activities are expanding. By August, I am preparing a new limited collection "Yachtsmen went ashore to play golf!". For the first time we use cashmere, cotton and make women's models. During the regatta, our new products will be shown at the company's stand.

What role does the sea play in your life?
- I love the sea! My life has been connected with it for a long time and, I think, will be connected forever. At one time I tried water skiing, diving, windsurfing. Yachting resonated with me with its uncompromising and passion, it teaches me to appreciate strength, reliability, warmth - both people and things. When I create products of my brand, I put these qualities into them. As well as tenderness and care that can soften the harsh everyday life of yachtsmen.

- Why are your sweaters so good?

- They are exclusive handmade sweaters, knitted to order from world-class natural wool. Warm, lightweight, water repellent. Tested and approved by sailors around the world. An original gift for yourself and friends.
— In one of your interviews, did you mention that wanderlust is a sublimation of the inner search for Truth? Could you elaborate on this? And how does this mindset fit in with your business?
- Yes, this is correct. The desire to escape to the ocean expanse, to its silence and high sky, from the routine of everyday life is a reflection of the inner thirst for freedom of the spirit. I realized this when I was on sea voyages for a long time. One day, I asked myself, “What am I running from? What am I looking for in these vast expanses? I am looking for inner space and peace. My choice of business direction is loyalty to a dream. HELEN-OCEAN is a piece of the sea in your hands! This is the smell of distant wanderings, adventures and trials. I hope that I help people not to forget their dream.